Why U.S. Deregulation Will Unlock The Golden Era Of Fintech

The current U.S. administration is on a relentless path to deregulate many industries. It’s causing a big impact on many industries .. but deregulation of the financial services industry will likely create the largest impact.. and soon.

There are robo-investment websites like Wealthfront and Betterment that allow you to automatically manage your finances and make smarter financial decisions without much effort. …

In addition to wealth management, Fintech is creating seamless avenues for peer to peer payments, creating new uses for cryptocurrencies, and lowering the barriers to global commerce.

Big financial institutions like Bank of America and Barclays need to take a long look at acquiring these technology companies if they care about servicing the next generation of bankers.

Acquiring these companies and integrating them into big banks simply wasn’t feasible just a few years back due to stringent regulation, but now it’s possible and it has opened up major opportunities in this industry. The new era deregulation is going to put Fintech center stage

Matt Britton