Super Bowl 2025: Goodbye NBC. Hello NFL.

Go to Google and type “How to watch Super Bowl” and see what Google recommends to complete your sentence.

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The reality is we want to watch the Super Bowl our way. We don’t care if it’s on NBC, ABC or CBS. We just want to watch the Super Bowl the way we watch our Netflix: On our Roku, Fire Stick, Apple Tv, iPhone & iPad. And we don’t want to have Cable to be able to watch it.

As our TV’s become more smart, and soon to be interactive and swipeable our TV’s home screen is going to go from this:



To this…



The Major Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) will likely to disappear because the real networks are the people.

The celebrities (in addition to live sports brands like NFL which are basically groups of people) are the ones with the power. They have tens of millions of followers and are building their brands direct to consumer.

This is, of course, bad for the major networks because they don’t have the power anymore. The people do.

We already have internet. We already have smart TV’s with the ability to download any app.

Watch as the NFL slowly recognizes this power and moves to distribute their content without any restrictions. The NFL has the power to forever change television and we are closer than you think…