Should America’s Tech Titans Step In To Solve Its Gun Problem?

The market cap of Vista Outdoor, the largest U.S. gun manufacturer is only $2.9 Billion . Apple could buy them for 1% of the cash they have on hand and for a bit more in R&D use the same face or thumb recognition in iPhones to disable unauthorized shooters from pulling the trigger.

Smith & Wesson, another leader in U.S. gun manufacturing is worth $1.4 Billion… Google could take them out for .2% of their market cap and send all of their guns into space …

As for #3? Sturm, Ruger & Co. They are worth $1.2 Billion. Amazon could buy them for a week’s worth of sales and refuse to sell their products to anyone but government agencies.

I believe that this new age of tech billionaires and corporate titans whom have created untold wealth from the freedoms of this nation have a moral responsibility to turn their attention to gun control…

It seems like every device is being controlled by technology and turned into “smart devices”… the thermostat, the toothbrush, the washing machine. Why not the one device that is causing the most harm?

Legacies are built by those in tremendous power who take bold steps to further society.

Flying to mars or producing Self Driving Cars is pretty cool… but saving our children from senseless gun violence would mean everything.

Matt Britton