HQ Trivia — The New Way TV Will Be Experienced (Twice a day 5 minutes at a time)


Be honest with me.

When is the last time you and your family huddled around to watch a TV Episode that wasn’t sports related?

Was it the last episode of Seinfeld?

Or maybe it was the last episode of Fresh Prince or Sopranos?

Hell, did you even turn on the TV during this past Thanksgiving?

It’s clear things are changing when it comes to TV.



From 1964–1999 it was common for the entire family to sit around the TV for some nice wholesome television.

Then the Real World came on and started a whole new genre called “Reality TV.” American Idol and Jersey Shore came on and added their own twist.

Side note: Does anyone else remember the peanut butter incident on the first Real World? Man, that was some great T.V.

Then Zuckerberg came and completely changed how we consume media all together. I specifically remember being at my first agency, MRY, pitching clients about new social strategies and they were ready to try anything and everything.


During that time, the Kardashians, who have created a bigger social and brand impact than the Beatles, learned how to use TV and Social Media to create an empire.

And guess what, they’re still going.

Kylie is now going to sell lipstick out of a food truck. If anyone experiments more than this family, please let me know. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Now, Instagram continues to make star after star. Instagram proved one thing: You don’t have to be on television to be famous.

But, something else recently caught my attention along with a lot of other people.

HQ Trivia.

It’s a live interactive game show that airs twice a day and is only available on iOS. It’s an real-time trivia game. Answer the question right; Move on. Answer the question wrong; You’re done.

It’s you against everyone else. In yesterday’s case, it was 223,000 people.

It has become a big cult hit fairly quickly and continues to grow.

It was created by the founders of Vine. So, it’s safe to say they know a little about how to scale.

Here’s the advantage that HQ Trivia as over traditional TV: It’s entertaining AND interactive. The closest television has to real interaction is voting on American Idol.

Let’s take a look at where exactly everyone is playing this game:

Minutes before delivering a baby.


Court-side seats at the NY Knicks game. It doesn’t look like this was during halftime either.


At the Office.


Rent the Runway Office.

At home with three generations of family


I think you get the point.

But, that’s not the only interesting thing.

There’s the host, Scott Regowski, who went from virtually unknown to becoming an internet sensation.


When you play HQ Trivia, the first thing you’ll notice is the rabid fans in the comment section screaming “SCOTTTTTTTTTYYYYY.”

You don’t have to be on TV to be famous.

But, wait a minute.

Scott looks a little familiar. I’ve seen him somewhere…

Is he the guy that read those fake, but hilarious books on the New York Subway?






Yup, that’s him.

Scott Regowsky and HQ Trivia.

The future of TV: Twice a day, 5 minutes at a time.

Matt Britton