Education Needs to Be Reinvented

Why The Education System Needs To Change For Generation Z

Go Deep Into An Art Or Deep Into A Science

Education is probably the sector that's in the most dire need of reinvention. We're teaching kids the same things that we were 20 years ago. Does it make sense to teach algebra when I can actually just ask a device to compute a problem for me? A lot of the things are based upon what people needed to know how to do before technology was here. And in the more developed markets they're skipping over that. Kids are learning things that are going to put those students in a globally competitive environment far ahead of students in America, because we are holding onto the past of what it means for education.

I think college is harming kids from pursing their dreams. They look at how things were done and they're pursuing four-year education, but they're getting in debt to do it. And then, they leave and they realize, "Wow, I can't pursue my dream. I need to try to get a job at Goldman Sacks so I can pay back my student loans." They get married, they have a mortgage. They have high over-head, and that dream is gone forever. They can never do it. So, what's it all for?