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Millennial Ideals Transcend All Ages

The core parent, the core CMO of the household, the future CEO of the enterprise is millennials, and that's a big deal.

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Millennials Choose Experiences Over Classic Big Ticket Items

The principles of YOUTHNATION is that millennial ideals now a transcends all ages. There is a clear a restacking of the deck of what these consumers think is most important and it impacts how they spend their money and their time.

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Education Needs to Be Reinvented For Generation Z

Education is in dire need of reinvention. As Gen Y takes hold in the C-Suite there will be a growing need for new workforce entrants with deep skill sets in arts and sciences.

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Millennial Activism - Empowered Through Technology

Technology has empowered America’s youth to become activists and change the future of business and society from the sidewalks rather than the boardrooms.

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Why 5G Will Spark The New Technological Revolution

What if I told you, during the Industrial Revolution that in the span of 10 years there was 100 to 1000 times more oil readily available? How quickly would the Industrial Revolution have expanded? Well, that's actually what's about to happen with 5G. Because what 5G is about to do with data is take an average download speed of 15 megabytes a second to 1-10 gigabytes per second, and that's going to be starting to roll out around the world later this year.

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Amazon's Bet On Ubiquity Over Brand Equity

If you try to order batteries over Alexa, it's going to sell you Amazon Basics batteries. It's not going to sell you Duracell or Energizer because they're betting that the ease and ubiquity of ordering without ever pulling a phone out of your pocket trumps the value of a multibillion dollar brand and you know what they may be right. I'd rather order from this device versus having to look up a brand, even having to pick up my phone.

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How Amazon Captures More Share Of Spend
The Importance Of The Barbell Economy In 2020

As our economy continues to evolve heading into 2020 it’s clear that in order for brands to be successful, consumers need to be targeted at either the high end or low end.

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