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Millennials Are Not Killing Business But They Are Forcing It To Adapt

For over two decades, Matt Britton has made his career by having his ear to the ground on what is happening on the sidewalks. With a belief that youth is not an age but an attitude, he thinks every business needs to realize that Millennials are going to be changing the world of business in unexpected ways. To learn more about this, Matt and I recently sat down to discuss the changes of being brought by a new generation of consumers.

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Meet Suzy: Crowd Intelligence Platform

A story on the launch of marketing intelligence software Suzy founded by entrepreneur Matt Britton

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Digital 40 Over 40 2018

Matt Britton was named to the Campaign Magazine 40 Over 40 list of progressive digital marketers.

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Why Matt Britton Is Getting Into AI

Ad Agency covers the launch of Suzy and Matt’s decision to transition from Agency world to the wonderful world of SaaS!

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How social is driving the end of TV
TV will be a giant iPad on your wall