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Selling The First Facebook Ads

Matt Britton not only sold the first ads to and for Facebook, way back in 2004, he gives us a really insightful and, frankly, unbiased look at what Facebook was like as a company in its very earliest days.

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Pivot, then scale with Matt Britton

Matt Britton talks to social media week about the origins of Suzy, the business impact of Gen Z, the social media marketing landscape, and the future of TV.

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Interview w/ Ambition Today

Matt sat down with Kevin Siskar of ambition today to discuss Suzy and why brands need to become more consumer centric for the millennial generation

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Matt Britton talks "Quality over Quantity"

Matt Britton discusses why quality of content will outweigh quantity as Social Media becomes “pay to play” as programmatic media takes hold of the advertising industry,

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3 Lessons Learned From Pivoting A Product

Matt Britton speaks with the B2B growth podcast about the business reinvention process of pivoting Suzy.

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The Brainfluence Podcast: Selling To Millennials With Matt Britton