The Brainfluence Podcast: Selling To Millennials With Matt Britton

Author's notes:

Our special guest this week is Matt Britton. Matt is the founder and CEO of New York-based MRY (formerly Mr Youth), a social media and youth marketing agency. Matt started MRY as a one-man startup and now employs over 600 people worldwide.

Since founding MRY, Matt has consulted with brands like Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Visa to develop their youth marketing strategy. In his new book, YouthNation: Building Remarkable Brands in a Youth-Driven Culture, Matt delves into how the millennials are breaking the previously defined demographic barriers and driving change in global business.

Matt joins us today to talk about what all business owners need to know about the millennial generation. He explains the premise behind his book and how the millennial generation is changing trends worldwide. Listen in to find out how you should be adapting your business models, watching the trends and embracing technology to ensure your business’ survival.