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How Matt Is Changing The Future Of Consumer Intelligence With Suzy

Matt Britton Discusses Why Suzy Matters In A Millennial Driven World

As a serial entrepreneur, Matt Britton has successfully acquired and sold many companies at the perfect time. He is most known for his important role in creating MRY (Mr. Youth) and Suzy. MRY is a digital and social media marketing agency that helps companies market to the youth, which is tomorrow’s future leaders. His latest venture, Suzy, is a consumer intelligence platform which helps bring the voice of real consumers directly to brands.

Now known as America’s leading expert on the Millennial Generation, Britton’s entrepreneurial spirit all started because of parties believe it or not. He ran 5 to 7 parties a week, and local businesses started to take notice. They would ask him to advertise their business during the parties, which led him to create his first business venue, Magma Group. This was just the beginning for Britton, listen to hear more of his great story:   

  • How Magma Group came about

  • The meaning behind “Magma”

  • Creating MRY, Mr. Youth

  • How MRY got Microsoft as their customer

  • How Suzy was developed

  • His book, “Youth Nation”

  • Being a serial entrepreneur

  • Being an investor

Ambition Today Question of the Day™ :
“You have started several companies over the years, what is being a serial entrepreneur mean to you?.”

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Quote Of The Episode: 
“Ninety-nine percent of decisions made in business have no data behind it”

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