Millennials Are No Longer Kids, They're Your Most Important Customers

With the oldest millennials now approaching 40 years old, this disruptive generation is no longer comprised of kids looking for video, games, pizza, and the next great selfie. Today’s millennials are the CFOs of the household, the CMOS of culture and soon to be CEOs of The Fortune 500.

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The Global Millennial Impact

Matt delivered his largest keynote to date at the SAP FKOM Summit in Barcelona Spain. In this 30 minute comprehensive talk he deliver a global outlook on the impact of millennials on culture, society, and business.

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Lasting Legacies of the Millennial Generation


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Millennials & Money: A Global Outlook

Oslo, Norway:  Delivered to an audience of  powerful International financiers as part of his European 2017 tour , Matt delivered a talk to make the audience rethink their approach to investing and looking for broader industry undercurrents

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The Inevitable Extinction of Branding

Matt gives a riveting keynote at Social media Week Chicago about the future of consumer product and brand buinding titled "The Inevitable Extinction Of Branding"

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Most Impactful Millennial Trends

This was a classic rapid-fire presentation, with only 12 minutes to deliver 50+ slides in front of an audience of senior Fortune 500 marketing executives. Matt delivers an energetic review of the year most impact millennial trends and their future implications.

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Amazon's Data-Led Renaissance

Matt talks to leaders in the consumer insights space at the TMRE Conference about the growing importance of data and programmatic targeting in a world where purchases of low involvement items continue to shift to Amazon.

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The Class of 2025
The Class Of 2025

When the class of 2025 graduates college they will be entering a completely new world. Today’s realities will not equal tomorrow’s opportunities and businesses need to evolve to meet the needs of the consumers and employees in 2025 today. During his keynote at the SMS Summit Matt gives us a few of what the business world will look like in 2025.

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Millennials & Hospitality
The Future Of Consumer

Matt speaks to a room of futurists, innovators, and social influencers about the future state of the consumers. In this fast paced session at the NANO World’s Fair, Matt explores everything from artificial intelligence, machine learning, drone deliveries, and predictive shopping.

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Lasting Gen Y Legacies

Matt gave his first talk ever in Australia during a keynote to an audience of global marketers at the ADMA GLOBAL FORUM while discussing 'The 8 Lasting Legacies Of The Millennial Generation"

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Millennials & Hospitality : A to Z
Millennials A To Z
Millennials & Money: A to Z
Instagram Killed The Television Star

Watch as Matt delivers a groundbreaking Social Media Week presentation on the origins of the television industry and how it been transformed by reality TV, social media, and streaming video and what it means for televisions future. 

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