Why TV Would Break If There Were A Giant iPad To Hang On Your Wall

As the annual upfronts kick into full gear in NYC this week I couldn’t help but marvel at the irony of a rumor out of the Apple world which could indeed end up destroying the TV business model as we know it.

A Korean news site reported that Apple may indeed be looking into the production of oversized iPads. If this is the case (which I believe it is) we may finally be looking at the initial design of a product which could indeed break the TV model



Here is why a giant iPad on your wall would forever change TV as we know it:
  • The app-based AppleTV interface, far more user friendly than the set-top cable box experience, would be the new way to browse TV shows
  • Siri would become the new search engine for finding TV shows and Genius would become the recommendation engine.
  • Airplay would seamless display anything on your mobile device to your TV making them a seamless extension of one another
  • The touch-based format would make it incredibly easy to select and search for content (children are already swiping TVs expecting them to be touch based)
  • TV Networks would begin to lose their identity as cord cutting would take hold amongst the mainstream. Instead of tuning into ABC to watch scandal, Siri would just make the show appear for you
  • In our BarBell Economy the affluent consumer would no longer be reachable in mass by television advertising as this class maintains both the desire and means to pay $2-$3 for a television program vs sitting through (or even fast-forwarding) TV spots
  • The NFL, America’s last bastion of live TV viewing, would finally shift their longstanding deals with broadcast networks (& DirecTV) and instead consummate a streaming based relationship with Apple ( or Google or Microsoft, also capable of bringing this model to market)
  • As consumers are in a logged-in Facebook state on their giant iPads, could Facebook will liekly then become the addressable engine that serves up all television advertising

So when you can hang a giant iPad on your wall?

  • What happens to the upfronts?
  • What is the role of TV networks?
  • Where will brands spend all their advertising dollats?
  • Will all TV become programmatic?

This disruption is not 10–15 years away, but 2 to 3 years away. The TV model will change just as quickly as the Music and DVD model, but this time with far-reaching implications to the media and entertainment industry. Mark my words

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Matt Britton