Millennial Expert Matt Britton w/ Riveting Sao Paulo Keynote

Award Winning Public Speaker delivers His First Keynote In Brazil

Matt Britton delivered his latest talk "Millennials Aren't Kids Anymore They Are Your Most Important Customer" at the 2019 Universo Totvs Conference In Sao Paulo Brazil

As the business world seemingly begins to look past the Millennial Generation in favor of Generation Z keynote speaker Britton reminded the audience of nearly 10,000 that the impact of Gen Y (Millennials) may just be getting started as they begin to enter the C-Suite Of Fortune 500 companies and become the head decision makers in household buying decisions on everything from CPGs to automobiles.

As a generations expert, millennials speaker Britton has consulted for half of the current Fortune 500 and he continues to push large corporations to drive their disruption from the inside out as opposed to waiting for emerging start-ups to jarringly disrupt their business approach.

Compelling topics from the keynote included:

The impact of Urbanization: "Matt Britton: The American dream seems to have taken a sharp u-turn because now it is here millennials see themselves settling down. They are becoming more accessible, there are better schools, parks are becoming larger and more prominent. They're becoming overall safer. And in a 24-hour news cycle where we all want to be where the action is, it's not happening out in the suburbs. It's happening in the cities. And as a result, we see massive gentrification around the world and the creative class has come into cities and the inner city blue collar worker has now been pushed out to the suburbs. It's driving livable boundaries, outwards and outwards of major cities"

Gen Y acting younger later in life: Millennials are acting younger later in life, they're pursuing experiences more and those experiences are actually coming in the place of accumulation of branded items. And that leads to this trend that I coined in my book YOUTHNATION called DIFTI, which stands for Did It For The Instagram. Did It For The Instagram means that people are so consumed with pursuing experiences, not even so much to enjoy them, but to prove to everybody else that they were actually there. To build their own personal brand.

The emergence of new service models: with the price of real estate on the main street continuing to increase it is now impacting traditional; business models. You have Glamsquad saying, "We're not going to pay main street prices for a salon. We're going to let women push a button and we'll have a team of people come to our house and do hair makeup for us before we go out at night." And we actually don't even need to actually pay these main street rates. These are new models. These are new models that big brands need to obviously consider because the medium ultimately might become the utility that matters.

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