Millennial Ideals Transcend All Ages

Why The “Millennial Way” Isn’t Just About Your Age…

The core parent, the core CMO of the household, the future CEO of the enterprise is millennials, and that's a big deal.

Why it matters is that millennials were the first generation to ever grow up with the Internet in the household.

I'm Gen X. I tell my kids that when I grew up, I didn't have the Internet. They literally think I'm a dinosaur, but it kind of makes sense because when I had to do research, I went into Encyclopedia Britannica. I had actually call the phone and talk to people on the phone, right? Instead of actually texting them. I did not have access to technology. I did not have on demand access to any type of information I needed.

Millennials did.

So they're are different species, as we all know, their brains are wired differently, but so many brands are still marketing to a Gen X society and the disruption that's going to happen when millennials become in positions of power when they're running their households is going to be enormous.