Why 5G Will Spark The New Technological Revolution

The Impact Of 5G Will Forever Change The Landscape Of Technology & Media

Television, Media, Entertainment Will All Drastically Evolve

What if I told you, during the Industrial Revolution that in the span of 10 years there was 100 to 1000 times more oil readily available? How quickly would the Industrial Revolution have expanded? Well, that's actually what's about to happen with 5G. Because what 5G is about to do with data is take an average download speed of 15 megabytes a second to 1-10 gigabytes per second, and that's going to be starting to roll out around the world later this year.

5G will drive massive proliferation of data and smart devices and self driving cars, we're going to see a quantum leap forward..and the companies that have not been able to revolutionize their business for their millennial tendencies, you're going to continue to see them go down, one by one by one. So learn about 5G, learn about impact, because companies now live and breathe on data the same way factories did on oil during the Industrial Revolution